Just Cause MMA Seminar Series: coming to a city near you!

Hey guys, starting shortly after my fight, I’ll be doing a nationwide MMA seminar tour of the US with Roger Huerta and Scott Epstein. I’ve done lots of seminars in the UK, but until now, not really too many in the US. So, I’m looking forward to seeing new faces (and old ones). If I’m in your city, and you train sign up! Or even if you don’t, come by at least! And if you can’t come by, recommend me some good places to eat in your home town. I won’t be dieting!

See the Just Cause MMA website for more details and dates. I’ll be updating my website “Events” section soon with all of them.

“JUST CAUSE MMA SEMINAR SERIES is a series of MMA training and participation seminars. SERIES #1, featuring Dan Hardy, Roger Huerta & Scott Epstein, begins in Nashville, TN on November 5, 2010. The first series will hit 39 Markets in 47 days. Each seminar will be 6 1/2 hours long.

Partnering with local gyms and Martial Arts establishments, JUST CAUSE is bringing the athletes to you. We look forward to seeing you out there.”

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