Great film about a celebrated British punk rock legend

Occasionally, I take a break during camp, and go to the cinema. Went to see Sex & Drugs & Rock N Roll last night, about the life of Ian Dury, founder and front man of Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Always loved this band: “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”, “Reasons to be Cheerful” and the rock and roll anthem “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” are brilliant songs!


You don’t need to know anything about Ian Dury’s music to see this film, it’s entertaining, great music, and lots of memorable lines from the late front man. The film mainly follows Dury’s relationship with his father and family and then his rise to fame as a musician. It’s colorful and splendidly done with lots of punk rock imagery and great reenactments of on-stage performances. Andy Serkis, you might know him from Lord of the Rings, plays Ian Dury and even re-recorded some of the songs with the original members of the Blockheads. It gave me a whole new perspective on Ian Dury’s life and his music.

Four stars out of five from the Outlaw.

“There are a couple of ways to avoid death, be magnificent.” - Ian Dury

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Fighters Only 2009 MMA Awards: Vote for me!

This year, Fighters Only Magazine are having their first actual awards ceremony in Vegas!
I’ve been honored with being nominated for two categories: European fighter of the year and Breakthrough fighter of the year. It’s great just to be nominated, but winning these awards would certainly be a great way to end 2009! Please click through to their website and vote for me, it will just take a second of your time. To all my fans who continue to support me: thank you so much! It makes all the difference! I promise to bring you more exciting fights in 2010!

fighters only

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Hardy Victorious Against Swick @ UFC 105

UFC 105

Another rainy night in Manchester, England has produced another UK champion: Dan “the Outlaw” Hardy.

The 27 year-old Nottingham native entered the ring on Saturday night with one thing on his mind: Mike “Quick” Swick. Relatively evenly matched, these two strikers were battling it out to move on for a possible belt contention, yet to be officially announced.

Hardy surprised international fans, dominating the fight, and walking straight through the once powerful striking attempts of Swick. Swick’s strikes seemed to have little effect on a powerful and focused Hardy who returned lethal counters rocking his opponent time and time again. The third round saw some ground and pound action with a sharp elbow from Hardy which produced a gash on the back of Swick’s head, shaking him for the rest of the fight. Unanimous decision was awarded to Hardy, making him victorious against another opponent thought to be more skilled by the MMA world.

Hardy and his team, Rough House, had a fruitful night with wins by teammates Ross Pearson, Andre Winner, and Nick Osipczak.

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Saturday Conditioning…

…at 6.30am, with Ollie Richardson of FighterStrength.com

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