Update from 2 weeks out

Taking a quick break from UFC 120 media day in London today. For those of you that don’t know about media day for the fighters, it’s an entire day of interviews, photo shoots, and press, which always gets me even more hyped for the fight.

Picked up my sponsor car from NK Motor Group in Derby yesterday. Nice KIA Cee’d CRDi in Black. 62 mpg! and a big boot for all my training stuff! Big thanks to Sanjeev Kumar and his team over there for the local support. Don’t be surprised if you locals see me hoping around Nottingham in it.

In other news, Xyience has release a brand new signature T-Shirt designed by yours truly. I know art school would come in handy. It’s kind of my take on the recognizable Exploited T-Shirt (love that band).  For my UK friends, I know they don’t ship internationally, but we should have some available for you guys in my own web store soon. They will also be available at Xyience appearances with me. Click here to get it through their webstore.

A lot of you have been writing and tweeting about my bandanas for this fight. Yes, we will have new ones! I promise. I like to do things myself, so you guys know they are coming from me, and you can imagine, things get kinda crazy around this time. But we should have some up in the next couple weeks. For now, go see my friend Noel at Fight Mafia where you can purchase my current bandanas.

Training is awesome. Ollie Richardson (Fighter Strength) and Steve have me knackered, but fit with ammunition, on a regular basis. And Team Rough House are with me every step of the way. And no, I’m no revealing my secret weapon on this one, so you guys can stop asking! That’s why it’s a secret!

Ok, back to media day. I’ll be continuing to post on here when I can.

Oi oi!
The Outlaw

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