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FAQ’s from Twitter

Hello all!

I decided to make this post, since so many of you are sending me direct messages on twitter. I’m deep into training camp, and I can’t possibly get to respond to you all. Although I really really try to! So, to that point, I’ve written some answers to your Frequently Asked Questions. I hope this helps.

When is your next fight?
UFC Fight Night 24 on March 26th against Anthony Johnson in Seattle, WA

Where can I get a signed autographed picture of you?
We plan on having these available on my website after my next fight. So, just keep checking back.

Where do you train and can I come train with you?
I train in Nottingham, England with Team Rough House. We have private training sessions. I can’t be giving all my secrets away just yet, can I? Team training is not available to the public just yet, but if you have special interest and experience, feel free to drop us a line.

What can I do to improve my striking?
This is a fairly broad question, and difficult to answer since I cannot possibly be there in a physical sense to assess your abilities. All I can tell you is: practice, practice, practice. Your muscles have memory, and the more you practice, the more your body will retain memory of the movements, and the faster and better you will become.

How can I go about finding sponsors?

Hard one! If you have the money or the connections, hire a manager. It’s their job to align you with sponsors that match your persona and ability. If you don’t have the money, pick up some sports management books, and understand how to best pitch yourself to a business.

What should I eat if I’m trying to get into “fight shape”?
Whole grain complex carbs in the morning. Protein shakes after training. Lots of carbs during the day from fruits and vegetables. Lots of lean protein at night (egg whites, chicken, fish). Stay away from high glycemic carbs such as white bread and white pasta. Cut out extra sugar and fat. Drink lots of water and green tea for extra energy if you need it. We all have different body types and chemistry, so if you are serious, consult a dietitian to see if you need to add additional supplements to your diet.

Can I meet you? When are you coming to my city?
Maybe! I try to keep my website updated with media and appearances, so you can always check on there. If you come to my fights, there’s always a chance that I’ll be hosting an after party.

Are you on PS3 Live or XBox Live?

No. I do play XBox 360 though!

I hope that helps guys. Again, I’m sorry I can’t respond to each and every single one of you, but training camp is in order!

the Outlaw

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Sorry for the long gap between updates! I’m back in training camp, preparing for UFN 24 in Seattle, on March 26th. I’m going to keep updating this site as often as possible, things do get real busy during camp though!

If you want daily updates and you aren’t following me on Twitter, find me… @danhardymma

I’m also writing for Fighters only magazine each month and I have just started my blog at The link to my newest blog is below.,0

Thanks for the support.

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UFC Fight Night 24: Hardy vs. Johnson

Main Card:

Prelim Card:

Click here for more information and to view ticket purchasing information

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