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In the studio with Cock Sparrer

So, a lot of you might have noticed that I’ve been having the same entrance music for my UFC fights, which is “England Belongs to Me” by legendary British punk band, Cock Sparrer. They’ve been really influential in my musical taste, so imagine my surprise when they approached me about going in the studio to re-record the track with them! A child hood dream come true!

I’ve posted loads of pictures from the studio session (thanks Samantha) and you can download the new version of the song on . And you better believe I’ll be playing the new version of the song while walking out to the octagon come March 27th. Regardless of your nationality, this is a great song, and you should download and sing along at UFC 111!

iTunes UK download here
iTunes USA download here
Amazon in the UK download here
Amazon in the USA download here

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