moosegel on May 6, 2008
Dan looking forward to ufc 95! i think markham is a good match up for you! your speed should do him! good luck dude!
mikee on May 6, 2008
hey Dan, when r u back in the UK, look for to seeing u over the Christmas period.
tonymac on May 6, 2008
Limited edition UFC 89 Piranha Bandanas here :
AdamM on May 6, 2008
congratulations on a successful UFC Debut. good luck in Dublin if you make it
tutu on May 6, 2008
great fight outlaw good move also for piranha
haydnb on May 6, 2008
dan you were awesome mate, told you on the night but i'll say it again YOU ARE A LEGEND.
Dan Hardy on May 6, 2008
Thanks everyone!
Crash Cart on May 6, 2008
Congratz Dan! -from all your loyal ihub fans and Bebida beverage (Piranha Spring Water) Investors!! Well Done!
rhys on May 6, 2008
Fantastic result!!!!!!!! Well done!
Echo on May 6, 2008
Congratulations, brah!! Long live The Outlaw!
rhys on May 6, 2008
Good luck for tomorrow night. The fridge is stocked with beer, ready to see my old pals training, dedication and destiny come to fruition. Go get him!
mikee on May 6, 2008
Of course mate, bring on the food!!!
Dan Hardy on May 6, 2008
Ha! good to hear from you mate! I hope you are well. I'll be in the UK for a couple of days after the fight, would be good to grab a bite with you.
mikee on May 6, 2008
Hey mate, I'll hopefully be coming to UFC89 in Birmingham, can't believe your first fight is back Home!!
SJ on May 6, 2008
Looking forward to UFC89 !
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May 6, 2008
Dan 'The Outlaw' Hardy, Victorious at Ultimate Force!

For the second time in a fortnight- Dan Hardy left a top class international opponent on the deck with a sore head, after pounding his way to victory over Daniel Weichel.

The German showed he is back to his best with an aggressive first round display- but against Dan Hardy- the best Europe has to offer probably isn’t good enough anymore. Early on, the jiu jitsu specialist looked to have secured a winning position- a rear naked choke with both hooks in. Hardy bridged his way out- but Weichel continued to make the running. Although he was under constant pressure- the Rough House fighter never appeared worried. His confidence was justified when he managed to get back to his feet at the close of the first.

Fighting Dan Hardy is like playing Man United. If you get a chance- you’ve got to take it, because they have the fire power to make you pay. The second started with some stinging kicks. The fight hit the canvas again- but this time it was Hardy bossing the action. Once the jackhammer left elbows started landing- it was only a matter of time before the fight was stopped.

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