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Apr 20, 2008
thank you
i just want to say a quick thank you to a few people.

first of all, the cage warriors guys for all of your hard work. you really go above and beyond when it comes to organising shows and looking after the fighters. ian, andy, dean, tony and everyone else on the team, well done and thank you.

the cage warriors usa team, thank you for looking after us in florida and making the weekend a great one. another bunch of guys working hard to promote our sport. thanks.

my team, as always... owen and nathan for all of your help and advice. all the rough house boys, win or lose you always bring something special to the show. congrats to the guys that were successful, well done to the guys that werent. next time will be better. i love you all like brothers.

to my guys in america, all the guys at legends, 10th planet and xtreme couture, thanks for all your help and support. ill be home soon.

to my sponsors, tapout,, sandee, myprotein, iso2, roko health clubs, and betonfighting. thanks for the support.

to all of the friends, fans and forum junkies that shout for me and believe in me. as long as you enjoy my fights, ill always be happy. thanks for all the positive comments both on the forums and face to face.

thanks to chad and his team, all the smack talk aside he is a fellow athlete and a top guy. it was an honour to fight him and i wish him all the best for the future.

and lastly, and most importantly, my family and my girlfriend, elizabeth. i put you through so much stress with my career choice and you love me and stand by be regardless. thank you for your constant support, i love you all very much and couldnt do it without you all.
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