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Apr 19, 2008
CWFC World Welterweight Title

"Dan Hardy finished Chad Reiner with a devastating striking assault in the third round of an exciting main event.

The fight lived up to all the hype as the two bitter rivals brought the best out of each other. The first round saw Reiner make the running. Things looked bleak for Hardy, when the fight hit the canvas. The American ground specialist invested a lot of effort in a guillotine attempt, but the new, improved Outlaw worked out of trouble.

The second started predictably, with Reiner attempting the takedown. The majority of the round was fought in a clinch. Hardy exploded to life with a jarring knee to the head. He pounced on Reiner – ready to unload, but the bell saved Reiner.

He third saw Hardy keeping his man at range early on with sharp punches. The take down attempts became more desperate and the American looked for safety in the clinch. Hardy broke out and delivered a sweet elbow. The writing was on the wall as the strikes kept coming. Reiner had nothing left and began to sagged to the floor under the pressure- signalling the end of the fight.

Chad Reiner has a solid record and the kind of submission game that would terrify most UK fighters. Dan Hardy took care of his challenge with an all round display that oozed class."

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