boycrazy on Mar 13, 2009
YOU against Marcus Davis?Nothing like two HOT MEN against each other!But I'm cheering for you.Us American girls love that British accent!
Live Events UK on Mar 13, 2009
Having seen Dan Hardy's last fight up close, and witnessed just how awesome this guy really is, it is a pleasure to be organising a coach with tickets to see him fight again in Cologne. It's filling up fast, but if you want to make it a special win for Dan and make a load of noise in Germany, then I am sure he would really appreciate the following and give us another superb performance. For ticket and travel info, go to
jordanbox on Mar 13, 2009
really hope your fighting marcus davis in cologne on ufc 99.already booked my flight n hotel.that will be an awesome fight......pj
tonymac on Mar 13, 2009
Bandana competition winners wil be announced next week and Caged Steel will be producing the next generation of Bandana for Dan's next outing very soon. Right now, there is a limited number of original bandanas for sale on Ebay - search for Dan Outlaw Hardy if you want to buy one but please note that when they're gone, they're gone.
ian.dean on Mar 13, 2009
WARRRRR "The Outlaw" The Uk's number 1 !!!!!!
Wigwam on Mar 13, 2009
Hiya! A fellow Nottingham Panthers fan 'ere! never seen you fight LIVE...but watched your latest bout on TV, & would love to see ya fight in person soon. Any links for the place that does the bandanas & T-shirts? Cheers.
boycrazy on Mar 13, 2009
Congrats on the fight. Even though I am an American I'm glad that you won.I laughed my ass off when you joked about "No punching power!"You're hot and I LOVE your accent. Looking forward to next fight!
Sarah Monkey on Mar 13, 2009
Awsome fight the other night, you totally rocked it ! i sooo wanna come see you fight live !! x
earwig316 on Mar 13, 2009
I was there in the o2 when u layed out that cocky yank! I almost pissed myself laughin too when you were sayin about him criticising you for having no punchin power. Waited outside the o2 wit my mates to get a photo with you but u never showed. saw team and your dad but didnt c u.
Kicker on Mar 13, 2009
I was about 8 rows back for that KO!! Loved the entrance music, I was sat it the middle of a ton of Americans! Not so vocal when that punch landed!!
guerillaradio21 on Mar 13, 2009
that was a sweet kick ass fight last sat nite congrats on the win
deathwishstriker on Mar 13, 2009
I enjoyed watching your fight against Rory and I look forward to watching you fight against better comp..........
Davina on Mar 13, 2009
You did good again! I knew you would.
MrHealy415 on Mar 13, 2009
IMPRESSIVE, fun to watch. Can't wait to see you fight again.
Ed on Mar 13, 2009
This quote from Rory Markham before the fight made me laugh: "But he doesn't have power in his hands. That's based on record. He hasn't fought the calibre of opponent that I have. Everything changes when you step into the Octagon. He's in for a shock." Jeez - imagine what would have happened if Dan DID have power in his hands! :) Nice win Dan, you did us all proud.
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Mar 13, 2009
Party Hardy: UFC 99 Coach Trip Details

UFC 99 goes to Cologne, Germany for the first time and where I take on Marcus Davies in the Octagon.

These tickets have been upgraded for British Fight fans and gets you as close to the action as possible. The headline fight is Rich Franklin Vs. Wanderlei Silva, which proves to be another reason to watch this exciting card.

The luxury coach will leave London early Saturday morning 13th June. Travel across to Germany and be there by 3PM. The price includes coach travel, limited edition souvenir Hardy T-Shirt and Front Row Seats.

After the evenings fights, you will have access to the after-fight party. You will then be free to enjoy Cologne's night-life until the early hours and departure back to London for early afternoon on Sunday 14th.

The tickets have been upgraded to give us the best possible seats and views for all fights. This trip is run in association with Warrior Promotions, who are my management company.

Live Events will have a member of staff on hand to make sure your trip is as enjoyable as it can possibly be and your fight tickets and Ltd tour shirt will be given to you when you take your seat on the Air Conditioned coach.

The Event Tickets really are some of the best in the house. So book your tickets today.

Click on the link below for more details

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